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Rubber Adhesive

Trade Name: PENORL® MF520

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  • Chemical name: Hexamethoxymethylmelamine (HMMM) 65% + inert carrier(white carbon black).
  • Other name: Rubber adhesive RA-65, Melamine Resin, Rubber adhesive HMMM65%.
  • It is similar to CYREZ964.
  • CAS No.: 9011-5-6
  • PENORL® MF520 is methylene donor in bonding system for rubber and steel cord or fabric cord.


  • PENORL® MF520 can promote adhesive force for rubber and steel cord or fabric cord.


  • Suggested ratio: 2-5 phr Rubber adhesive PENORL® MF520 with 2-5 phr resorcinol-formaldehyde resin(such as RF-20 resin).

Packing and Storage:

  • It is packed in Kraft paper bags lined with plastic film, net weight is 25kg/bag.
  • It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse.
  • The shelf life is 12 months.
AppearanceWhite powder
Ash content (850℃)%29-35
Water content% max.4.5
Sieve residue (325 mesh wet-method)% max.0.3
Free formaldehyde content% max.0.1
Effective constituent content% min.65
Heating Loss% max.4.5

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